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We are humbled by the power of songs. Great songs break artists, define careers, create world tours, and are the driving force behind the music industry. As music fans, it's the songs that pull us in. Songs have changed and shaped the world, connecting us all in the human experience. They remind us, they teach us, they uplift us and they ground us. When words and ideas merged with music and rhythm, something magical happened. I've been fascinated by songs and how they are created since I was a kid. Becoming a professional songwriter didn't happen overnight. It continues to be a long journey of discovery.

The craft of songwriting is evolving, and the business of songwriting ebbs and flows with challenges and opportunities. After 20 years in the music industry as a songwriter, publisher, producer and manager, sharing what I have learned along the way has become part of my songwriting world.

Welcome to Songdriven, my first step in creating a new approach to songwriter development. Stay tuned!


As I continue to work with songwriters as a mentor and creative coach, I still push myself to write my best songs. After all this time, one thing hasn't changed – my career, my music, and many of my favorite memories, are still Songdriven.


- Kenny Lamb

Kenny Lamb is a multi-platinum songwriter, producer and artist manager based in Nashville, TN.

Kenny's songs have reached #1 on the Billboard Charts, including BMI Song Of The Year. Kenny began his career as a Warner/Chappell New York and Nashville staff songwriter and producer, and has helped launch the careers of Grammy and Dove winning artists. Kenny’s songwriting credits, artist development and collaborations include ‘N SYNC, Justin Timberlake, Rhett Akins, Building 429, Little Big Town, Take 5, Barrett Baber, Ashley Monroe, Marc Collie, Adam Cunningham, Across The Sky and many others. Kenny’s songs have been featured on ABC, NBC, HBO, FOX Sports, MLB, and commercial campaigns for Coca-Cola. In 2016, Kenny won a Global Peace Song Award, an honor given to songwriters who are making a positive impact in the world through music.

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