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Songdriven provides one-on-one songwriter development, with an opportunity to work hands on with multi-platinum songwriter Kenny Lamb to drive your songwriting forward. Programs are personalized, focused on results, and always... SONGDRIVEN.

The Songdriven Program

Songdriven is songwriter mentoring from within the music industry, offering select songwriters one-on-one songwriting development to reach their goals. Songwriters are brought inside the ropes, experiencing real-time coaching to refine their songwriting, and navigate the wilderness of the music industry with a clear path, strategy and focus.

About Kenny Lamb
With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, hit songwriter and producer Kenny Lamb has helped launch the careers of many major label artists and successful songwriters. Songdriven is designed to put clients in position to achieve new levels of success.

The Songdriven Program is available to a limited number of clients. For more information about Songdriven, send an email with links to your music and more about you and your songwriting goals.

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