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What Is Songdriven?

Songdriven takes songwriters inside the ropes of the music industry, with an opportunity to work hands on with multi-platinum songwriter Kenny Lamb to drive your songwriting forward. Programs are personalized, focused on results, and always...Songdriven.

How Does It Work?

In one-on-one sessions, your song ideas are critiqued and developed in realtime. Sessions include coaching and mentoring, while gaining insights into the craft and the industry. Songdriven helps songwriters build a stronger catalog of songs, while aligning your career path with your goals.

What Does Songdriven Solve?

Many songwriters send finished demos to get feedback from industry pros. Good feedback is valuable, but when it is received after a demo has been recorded there have been resources spent, and more to re-demo. In Songdriven sessions we discuss the idea and direction while you are writing it. Through real-time feedback, lyrics and melody are refined as we go.

The key to success as a songwriter? Write better songs. The bar is high. With honest evaluation we can push songs to levels we didn’t know were there. This approach builds careers.

More About Songdriven
With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, hit songwriter and producer Kenny Lamb has helped launch the careers of major label artists and successful songwriters. Songdriven is designed to put clients in position to achieve new levels of success.
After helping many artists land record deals over the years, I began to see the need for this same, focused development approach for songwriters. With current publishing deals being offered more to songwriters bringing in cuts, I believe Songdriven fills an important gap in a market rich in opportunity, but lacking in the one-on-one development needed to focus on an individual writer's trajectory and career.

- Kenny Lamb
Program Details And Rates
• Songdriven Programs are based on monthly rates.
• Sessions are 
scheduled once per week via Zoom.
• 1 1/2 Hour, one-on-one development sessions.

Monthly Rate $950
How To Apply

Send us a message about you and your music. All submissions are reviewed and responded to. If it feels like a fit and availability is open, a Songdriven team member will reach out to set up an interview via Zoom.

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