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Welcome To Songdriven!

Songdriven programs offer songwriters an unparalleled glimpse behind the industry curtain. In one-on-one sessions, Kenny will help you refine your songwriting skills, build your catalog, and align your career path with your goals. Programs include creative collaboration and music business connectivity, providing writers with real-time opportunities and game speed experience.

Songdriven is a unique, artist development approach

for songwriters. Programs are personalized, results based, and always...Songdriven.

The Songdriven Concept
After helping many artists land record deals over the years through artist development projects, I began to see the need for this same, focused development approach for songwriters. Out of this, the Songdriven concept was born. With current publishing deals being less about development and more about activity, I believe Songdriven fills an important gap in a market rich in opportunity, but lacking in the one-on-one development needed to focus on an individual writer's trajectory and career.
- Kenny Lamb

* To serve our songwriters more fully, Songdriven programs are limited to a select number of clients. This more direct and personal approach is the philosophy of Songdriven.

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