I’ve been working at this for a long time. I have started and started over, made progress and fallen short. I have learned, been coach-able, and have been a student of the craft of songwriting since a very young age. My perseverance eventually caught up with my dreams, and I’ve had a successful career as a professional songwriter and record producer. There is no question that life circumstances can get in the way of even the opportunity to persevere, but I believe every day we have the chance to get on a road of success – through new patterns and approaches – to find the passion and inspiration we need in our lives. I truly enjoy giving back what I have learned, and find fulfillment in coaching other creatives through the challenges we all share. In living my dreams, I have the chance to help others live theirs.

I offer mentorship from within the music industry, including one-on-one songwriter development. I bring my clients inside the ropes, coaching them in real time to not only help refine and define their songwriting voice, but also help them navigate the wilderness of the music industry with a clear path, strategy and focus. Through this I have helped many artists and songwriters find their potential and sign major label and publishing deals. I incorporate a broad approach to songwriting development and creative coaching, encouraging new patterns and processes. This is songwriting coaching with a holistic approach. It is goal oriented and designed to put clients in position to achieve new levels of success.